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Zeta Youth Cybersecurity Workshop

November 2nd, 2019

The Orlando Zetas Youth group is a mentoring group for school-aged young women from 4 to 18 years old. We brought a CoderChicks cybersecurity workshop to them, and we taught the girls concepts such as password security, types of attacks, and how our data is sent across the internet. 

The girls explored ways to maintain secure passwords, such as symbols, patternless letters, and special characters. They learned about types of cyberattacks and played a game in which they determined whether they were being emailed by a black-hat hacker or a credible company. 

The biggest concept they learned was how our data is sent across the internet. They explored types of ciphers used in history, and wrote secret messages to each other using the Caesar cipher. They learned also learned about modern-day encryption and decryption. 

As technology advances, there are more data breaches every year. Malicious hackers pose a large threat to society.  Now is a very important time to educate young girls about cybersecurity.

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