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Tech for Teens

Written by: Manel Bouabdalla

Exciting technology teens can learn how to code with!

1. Game Development

You are always playing games online, drown to this world and get hypnotized by its features, it is your time to become the master and create the game (2D/3D) you have always been longing to through Unity and c#. Be prepared for a coding journey full of fun guided by your imagination. Surprise! You can also create your VR or AR using unity.

2. Graphic Design

Creativity resides within you, impatiently waiting to arise. So unleash your creative soul, create mesmerizing art and design appealing logos using Adobe Illustrator and design captivating graphics and edit using Photoshop. Trust me you will need your designing skills especially when you are in the branding team of a club.

3. App Development

Be a change-maker and create the app your community has been thriving for and solve the daunting challenges it faces. App development permits you to bring your ideas into reality and develop your own stunning app. So, delve into java/swift to build android/ios apps. Trust me, by the time you see the final product, you will get a a gripping sensation of pride and fulfillment.  You can participate in hackathons and compete against top programmers using your app.

4. Robotics

Are you ready to save the world? Colonize space? Innovate? Or just mentor your car via a Smartphone? Well, get a steady firm step on the robotic field. Start learning Arduino / raspberry pi and join a robotic club. You can demonstrate your skills and passion by participating in a competition (Vex). Don’t miss the exhilarating feeling of winning. Hard work pays off! If you are between 5 and 10 and you find Arduino confusing. Don’t worry! Start learning Scratch / M blocks / Ard blocks /Robotics with Lego.

5. 3D Modeling

You want to create cutting edge and fascinating 3D products? You want to leverage your creativity and hone your skills? So, invest your time and effort learning 3DS MAX to model your character/object in a game brimming with creativity … You can design the mechanical parts you are using in your robot and assemble them using SolidWorks.


Manel is a 16-year old student at the pioneer school of Nabeul. She lives in Tunisia. She is always fueling her passion for STEM and learning about new concepts. She is an active member of two tech related clubs and an arduino and app development mentor. Recently, she won at a national robotic competition.  Manel is highly motivated to inspire teenagers to pursue their dreams and help build a more sustainable world. 

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