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Taking the Next School Year by Storm

Written by: Gloria Huang

With school just around the corner we have some tips for you to have the best school year yet!

01. Prevent Stress

With the new school year comes tons of responsibilities. But don’t let the stress get in your way! Turn the negativity associated with stress into an opportunity for self growth. Challenge yourself to think positively. A negative mindset will keep you from accomplishing the tasks at hand.

02. Organization is Key

Staying organized is a great way to stave off unnecessary stress. Something as simple as keeping up with an agenda will go a long way in helping you remember to turn in all your assignments on time and prepare for those big exams. Another way to stay organized is to develop a routine. Set times for when you will do your homework, attend after school activities, or spend time with friends and family. Sticking to a routine will help you use your time efficiently.

03. Speak Up & Be Open

If you want to start off the school year strong, speak up! Asking questions and participating in class discussions is a great way for your teacher to get to know you. By speaking up in class you are showing that you are here to learn, and your teacher will reciprocate the same effort you are  putting in. Also be open to new experiences! It’s amazing how much you will learn by stepping out of your box. Make new friends! Join a new club! Find your true passion!

04. Set Goals

All you lovely chicks have unimaginable potential!  Setting goals for yourself is the first step to reach your full potential. And don’t be afraid to dream big! Set short term goals for yourself such as getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night or finishing your homework before watching tv. And also set a few long term goals such as  getting into your dream college or maintaining straight A’s for the year. Then put your goals somewhere where you will be reminded of them everyday. We are all rooting for you to achieve your biggest goals!


Gloria Huang is a junior at The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She is an enthusiast for anything math or technology related and hopes to spread her passion with others. Through teaching programming basics to young girls in her community and her scientific research she hopes she can pave the way toward equality for all girls in the STEM field.

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