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Tackling Tech Summers

April 2019

Learn new skills, find internships, & start projects!

Being productive in the summer can be hard. Without the constant stream of school assignments, it can be hard to get on track to reach your goals. Here are some tips on finding your groove!

Learn, learn, learn!

Without the pressure of school, this is the perfect time to learn new things on your own which you wouldn't learn at school- whether that's app development, Python, or web design. There are plenty of free resources on, Code Academy, and different YouTube channels. And look out for coding summer camps for an in-person experience!


Interning for local software companies is a great way to get more real-world tech experience. If there aren't any companies in your area looking for high school interns, email local professors! Send them your resume and ask them if you can be a part of one of their projects. Remember, emailing around is ALWAYS helps you find opportunities!


Do you have a particular subject you're interested in researching? Do you have an idea for an app you want to develop? Is there a problem in your community you want to solve? Summer is the perfect time for this. Without school, you have more time to work on your project. And there are several tech competitions during the school year you can enter in with your project!

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