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Sanford Middle Workshops

October- December 2018

Our first CoderChicks workshops were at Sanford Middle School. We held weekly workshops over the course of 8 weeks on Python programming. We taught the basics of programming, beginning with print statements and ending with loops. For one of our weeks, we organized for a guest speaker, Ms. Angela Alban, the CEO/Founder of SIMETRI, an Orlando medical tech company. 

In each of our workshops, we began with a recap of the previous week. We would teach a new concept and have example problems for the girls to do along with our instructor. To provide the girls with a real-life perspective on the applications of a programming language, we had their programs all perform exciting functions which the girls could use later. These included number guessing games, trivia questions, etc. 

At our last workshop, the girls worked in teams to plan out a program they would make to help the world. Their ideas ranged from apps to remind users to exercise and eat healthy to math quiz games! 

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