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Oviedo Library Workshops

April - May 2019

We taught a 4 weekly workshops on Python programming at the Seminole County East Branch Library. We are grateful to the National Center for Simulation and Aptima, engineering companies in the Orlando area that helped sponsor our workshops. Their generous contributions helped us get t-shirts for all the girls and a new laptop for the Seminole County Libraries!

Similar to our previous workshops at Sanford Middle School, we taught new concepts and worked through examples with the girls. We taught basic programing concepts, such as print statements, variables, conditionals, input statements, and loops. 

We spent our last workshop having the girls work in teams of 3 to design, code, and present a project with a social benefit using the skills we've taught them. For example, one team made a Python program that could educate the user about current issues with our climate, while another made a program that could tell the user how many minutes to cut down their shower by. The real-world big thinking we encouraged them to use helped the girls gain a solid interest in the tech field, and 93.3% of the 30 girls were more likely to pursue a tech career after attending. 

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