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Getting started in STEM

ChickChat Advice: March 2019 Edition

Happy March, CoderChicks! For this month's article, we are focusing on how to get more involved with STEM at a local level as a high school student. 

01. Tech Skills

There are plenty of opportunities outside of your school classrooms to learn new tech skills. If you're interested in learning how to code, check out free online resources, such as Khan Academy, Code Academy, and Make sure you're also on the lookout for summer programs and workshops in the tech field! 

02. Build

Once you have tech knowledge, use those skills to be a part of a bigger project! As high schoolers, there are several local tech events that need mentors/leaders of our age. You can also look for other STEM opportunities in your area, such as Hackathons, robotics, and coding competitions. If there aren't many in your area, there are plenty of online competitions you can be a part of!

03. Community

One of the most important parts of successfully being a part of the STEM field is having a community to fall back on. This is a great place to talk about the new tech skills you've learned, where to find internships, and how to get in contact with professionals in the field. Look for local groups such as Girls Who Code and GirlUp to join.

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