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Here, we're going to give you advice on what you can do to pursue your dreams and goals as a high school student. By signing up for our newsletter, you will receive emails twice a month with ideas regarding your career, reaching your goals, etc. As fellow high school students, we understand what it's like and we want to help YOU get where you want to be!

Our first section provides chick-to-chick advice. Here you'll find advice from our writers on how to kickstart your career, whether that's finding opportunities such as internships, places to volunteer, etc. We'll also help you with managing daily high school work- such as studying for your AP exams, along with taking that online class you've always been interested in!

Our second section provides success stories. Here we will be interviewing successful women in tech- our real heroes! From their stories, we hope you can get more inspired on ways to pursue your goals. Stay tuned for our interviewee updates!

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