Appathon at Seminole State College

September 7th, 2019

We held our first day-long event at Seminole State Community College where we taught a course on app development. Our 3 instructors, Deepika, Adya, and Julie, taught the girls how to code using Thunkable, an online drag-and-drop software for app building. We are so thankful for the generous contributions made by The Lifeboat Project, Mr. Brent Smith, and Moes Southwest Grill that made our event so successful.

We chose to teach app development using Thunkable, as it is a cross-platform (apps can be used on Apple and Android) software and utilizes drag-and-drop coding blocks, making it easier for children/first-time coders. We began with simple apps, such as button clicking, screen swiping, etc, and ended with quiz/guessing game apps. 

We concluded with a guest speaker from the Lifeboat Project (a non-profit combating human trafficking), our main sponsor. They discussed the large role technology plays in human trafficking, as they target vulnerable users through video games, social media, etc. 

Similar to our past events, after we taught the material, the girls worked in teams to design, code, and present apps with social benefits. We had apps that would track the user's moods, recycling habits, etc. 

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